Workplace drug testing essay

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) is a premier provider of workplace substance abuse testing and on-site medical services nationwide. MMC offers complete and compliant packages of industry required bio-monitoring solutions and when it comes to onsite nursing and first aid station management – MMC is the standard bearer. MMC also offers a unique suite of worker credential tracking solutions which can strategically manage all of your employees testing results, trainings and industry certifications.

LabCorp can meet your occupational testing services needs. Numerous testing options and consistently good service are the primary focus of LabCorp’s occupational testing services. LabCorp constantly monitors market trends and the latest street drugs. Our commitment to research, combined with leading-edge technology, provides organizations with an innovative test portfolio that reflects societal trends. Our occupational testing laboratory network consists of strategically located facilities throughout the US that are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Workplace drug testing essay

workplace drug testing essay


workplace drug testing essayworkplace drug testing essayworkplace drug testing essayworkplace drug testing essay