What makes a person wise essay

Last year I read your book, Goddesses Never Age. I love it and started a book club around it. This list is absolutely a wonderful way to look at how to move forward this year. For the first time in years, I didn’t do New Year’s Resolutions… why… I rarely keep them. I decided instead to go with the flow, accept and love my body and some of the new found curves. I decided to be authentic and stop hiding my deep spirituality from the very traditional religious world I live in (in the Bible belt), I honor others beliefs and I want to acknowledge mine. Today, after reading this article, I once again affirm “I choose to life live from the truth of me!” Thank you Dr. Northrup! You inspire us all.

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Interesting article. I would personally define wisdom as an insightful understanding of virtues and vices (not necessarily religious). For example, if someone says: "do not eat too much", this may be right but it does not sound wise. But if someone says: "a good dinner and a bad dinner is often only a few spoons away." While the implied action may be the same, the later sounds wiser because it reflects an insightful understand of temperance. When a person blindly acts according to virtues or resists to vices, he/she may not be happy and successful. But with insightful understanding, the practices of virtues become much more meaningful, and it often leads to long term happiness and success.

What makes a person wise essay

what makes a person wise essay


what makes a person wise essaywhat makes a person wise essaywhat makes a person wise essaywhat makes a person wise essay