Vannevar bush essay points

To that end, I often think about the architecture of knowledge as a pyramid of sorts—at the base of it, there is all the information available to us; from it, we can generate some form of insight , which we then consolidate into knowledge ; at our most optimal, at the top of the pyramid, we’re then able to glean from that knowledge some sort of wisdom about the world, and our place in it, and what matters in it and why. Bush himself notes the challenge of transmuting information into wisdom given the scale of what’s available—a scale that has grown by an incomprehensibly enormous magnitude since 1945. He stresses, as many of us believe today, that mechanization—or, algorithms in the contemporary equivalent—will never be a proper substitute for just human judgment and creative thought in the filtration process:

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Vannevar bush essay points

vannevar bush essay points


vannevar bush essay pointsvannevar bush essay pointsvannevar bush essay pointsvannevar bush essay points