Tips on making the ateneo essay

Mr. Ventura was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors in January, 2014. He owns and operates several technology related companies including Rice Technologies Inc. and Generation E-Systems Inc. His other holdings include Harp Finanza International Inc., a Western Union sub-agent; One World Logistics Systems, a freight forwarding company for UPS in Quezon City and Ventura Land Inc. Mr. Ventura was Vice President for Marketing for Cyberweb Group, Inc. (2002), Velocity Motors & Collision Specialists, Inc. (2007) and Saturn Autospec Inc. (2001). He was also Vice President for Finance for Vision Communications (1998), Senior Sales Manager for Labworks Computers (1997), Managing Director for Asialink Express Magazine for Men (1997) and Operations Manager for Filipino Entertainment Network (1996). Mr. Ventura was also an Account Executive for the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (1992).

Parents encourage exchanging opinions with their children – even if they believe they are right and even if their children’s ideas conflict with theirs. They involve their children in family discussions, but interestingly, in line with their roles as parents, they believe that more often than not, they know what is best for their children. Many parents have invested time and effort to raise their families right, and half of them say they make themselves available to their children even if it means forgetting their own needs. (However, neglecting personal needs is not recommended, since love and care for others starts with love and care for the self.)

The person/s who discovered the plagiarism should be recognized and rewarded. He’s my hero. Manuel Pangilinan should say to him “You got me…” and should give him a monetary award and a medal just like police and soldiers are recognized. Mr. Pangilinan did the right thing in resigning right away. We need more fellow Pinoys like this. I wish this day April 4th would be a day for this Pinoy pirate buster. Please share your thoughts on how you discovered this piracy. With a reward like this, others will be encouraged to read and observe for piracy in this vast ocean of literature.

Tips on making the ateneo essay

tips on making the ateneo essay


tips on making the ateneo essaytips on making the ateneo essaytips on making the ateneo essaytips on making the ateneo essay