Thesis about high school dropouts

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For the first time ever, the National Catholic Forensic League’s Grand National Tournament will be held in Louisville on Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 28. Over 3,500 high school students from around the country will compete in a variety of speech and debate events at five area schools.

Assumption High School will host the Lincoln Douglas debate preliminary rounds from 7 . to 7 . on Saturday, May 27. Approximately 211 students and 225 adults are expected to attend. Students who qualified for this national championship tournament will compete five times in the preliminary rounds. After the preliminary results are calculated, the tournament continues on Sunday with elimination rounds held at the Galt House and other downtown hotels.

“To host the Grand National Speech and Debate Tournament is an enormous honor and rare opportunity for the city of Louisville,” stated Woody Zorn, Assumption High School debate coach. Zorn, the Kentucky High School Speech League 2017 Coach of the Year, and 2017 Kentucky National Speech and Debate Association Alumni of the Year, also said, “We are grateful to showcase our school, and beloved city, to such a significant group of talented high school students”.

Assumption High School is the only all-girls school in Louisville that qualified for the Grand National Speech and Debate Tournament. Qualifiers were Sarah Daus ’18, Lydia Cardwell ’19, Kailyn Deitz ’17, Carly Crawford ’19, Kennedy Nodler ’18, and Correna Tate ’18. Assumption’s debate team also won the Kentucky Catholic Forensic League sweepstakes title.

Thesis about high school dropouts

thesis about high school dropouts


thesis about high school dropoutsthesis about high school dropoutsthesis about high school dropoutsthesis about high school dropouts