Teenage delinquency research papers

One of the most notable causes of juvenile delinquency is fiat , . the declaration that a juvenile is delinquent by the juvenile court system without any trial, and upon finding only probable cause . Many states have laws that presuppose the less harsh treatment of juvenile delinquents than adult counterparts’ treatment. In return, the juvenile surrenders certain constitutional rights , such as a right to trial by jury, the right to cross-examine, and even the right to a speedy trial. Notable writings by reformers such as Jerome G. Miller [21] show that very few juvenile delinquents actually broke any law. Most were simply rounded up by the police after some event that possibly involved criminal action. They were brought before juvenile court judges who made findings of delinquency, simply because the police action established probable cause.

Running Head : TEENAGE DELINQUENCY Name :University :Course :Tutor :Date :Teenage Delinquency Abstract Juvenile delinquency problem has a long shadow which is reflected globally . This is because the rates in teenage delinquency are on the increase . There are several issues that concern juvenile delinquency activities and juvenile gang is one of them . Violence related to gang has become a new phenomenon at the same time raising a lot of interest in this area of study . This paper will focus on juvenile gangs addressing the main problem behind it including current policies and practices and lastly the proposed future directions for this issue of juvenile gang .Introduction Today , it is uncommon to hear from the media as well as movies addressing young people on the issue of alcohol , drugs and sexuality among many other controversial issues . Young crime is a major problem worldwide and one of the major youth problems concerns juvenile gang which have continued to expand into small and medium-sized cities carrying out various gang increased gang visibility and accelerating fear in relation to juvenile crime that has made this area of topic to be my main area of discussion .In addition , there seem to be a relationship between gang groups and the various crimes that are committed globally and these members often tend to be a lot more violent than the rest of the youth who may not be in any gang group . The recent generation ‘s gang members are more violent as compared with the past generation and this is because the activities that these gang members have been participating in have been changing for sometime now since these gang members have resulted into engaging in rather more serious crimes such as firearms use and drug-related use .This alarming trend of juvenile gangs is increasingly gaining its stronghold in United States .The first juvenile gangs that existed in United States were located in New-York which was also primarily Irish . The first groups of gang were discovered at green-grocery speakeasies that carried out the activities of selling booze at the back of the building and greens were sold at the front . There was also the Forty Thieves who existed from around 1920 to the period during the civil war . This was a subgroup consisting of juveniles that were recruited from the main group . Roach guards plug uglies , Dead Rabbits , Shirt Tails , Kerryonians and Chickesters were also gangs that existed in the distant .Others include American guards , True blue Americans , Bowery Boys and Atlantic Guards . There were also the potashes , Hudson Dusters and the Gophers who were located in the Middle West side . The other cities in United States which had gang groups apart from New York include Boston ,Phil and Chicago . The 1950s saw a shook up in the generation with the west side story in which street bopping and fighting was the main order of the day .In 1960s there was political activism , drug activity and social betterment and the police did not mind much on issues relating…

Teenage delinquency research papers

teenage delinquency research papers


teenage delinquency research papersteenage delinquency research papersteenage delinquency research papersteenage delinquency research papers