Statistics math research paper

The department is dedicated to the education of our students in the fields of mathematics and statistics and to the certification of teachers in secondary education. To that end we support curricula that lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and certification for teaching mathematics in secondary schools. In addition the department offers courses in mathematics and statistics that serve the needs of other degree programs of the University. To provide for the general education of all students the department offers courses for students of varying backgrounds and levels of mastery of mathematics. In all of these activities the department strives for excellence in teaching.

You're invited to a  special screening of Navajo Math Circles , a film by George Csicsery on Friday, Sept 8, 2017 at 3 pm in SCI 142.  Prof. Tatiana Shubin received the MAA's Mary P. Dociani Award which recognizes a mathematician making a distinguished contribution to the mathematical education of K-16 students.   Much of Tatiana's most important work in mathematical education is centered around Math Circles, which are a way for mathematicians and mathematical scientists to share their love of math with K-12 students and teachers through informal group sessions of problem-solving and interactive exploration.   In Fall 2012, Prof. Shubin co-founded 5 math circles to serve the Navajo community.   A conversation with Prof. Shubin and Director Csicsery will follow a screening of the movie Navajo Math Circles   which follows Navajo students and mathematicians who put the students in charge of exploring math to their own joy and satisfaction.  

Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta has been selected as a Boeing Science/Math Education Distinguished Professor for scholarly, creative, and instructional activity ( see CAS Faculty of Distinction ). Dr. Dasgupta is the second mathematics and statistics professor to receive this distinction; Dr. Libby Knott is also a Boeing Science/Math Education Distinguished Professor.

In addition, Dr. Dasgupta is Co-PI on a new $703,103 NIH grant with members from the WSU School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Veterinary Medicine, as well as Co-PI on a new WSU ESIC (Energy Systems Innovation Center) grant. Read more .

Statistics math research paper

statistics math research paper


statistics math research paperstatistics math research paperstatistics math research paperstatistics math research paper