Short essays on social issues

The module aims to build practitioner confidence and skills in report writing for professional social work practice. It is informed by partnership working with employers, and draws on the social work academic curriculum. Teaching will combine plenary learning sessions with intensive individual tutoring support in the workplace, in order to encourage critical self-evaluation of completed documents. Learners will develop their ability to organise and write practice documents which draw valid conclusions from critically evaluated evidence identified both in their casework and in relevant research.

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Imagine a brain in which the visceral sense of knowing is disconnected from centres for logical thought, yet stuck on a given idea. No matter what contrary evidence or line of reasoning is presented that the idea is wrong, that brain will continue to generate a feeling of rightness. We’re all familiar with this behaviour in its most extreme form – those intractable ‘know-it-alls’ entirely immune to contradictory ideas. We must at least consider the possibility that know-it-all behaviour is a problem of neural circuitry, much like dyslexia.

Short essays on social issues

short essays on social issues


short essays on social issuesshort essays on social issuesshort essays on social issuesshort essays on social issues