September 11 tragedy essay

When some time ago I was looking at the photograph that showed the HINDENBURG over Princeton University on the day of the crah, I was so deeply moved.
Don’t know how to explain, but I felt as if I was looking directly at my father in the control car of the Zep – he was navigator Christian Nielsen who later escaped the crash unharmed. What is still moving me so deeply is that my father was so totally unsuspecting of what awaited him later.
Apart from all the photos and films documenting the whole disaster, the above photograph is holding a special place in my memories!

The postponements and cancellations of various entertainment programs sparked rumors that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were postponing or even canceling the 74th Academy Awards ceremony. However, in a written statement released by president Frank Pierson , he denied any rumors that the attacks would affect the scheduling of the awards presentation saying that "the terrorists will have won" if they cancelled it. Nevertheless, the show went on as planned on March 24, 2002. The security was much tighter than in previous years, and the show had a more somber tone. According to New York Magazine , there were 26 references to the attacks during the telecast. [27] On October 16, 2006, the awards event itself was designated a National Special Security Event by the United States Department of Homeland Security .

Every year on September 11th, we mourn, remember, reflect, and try to make sense of the horrible events of that day. And every year we struggle, because even after all of these years, it is almost impossible to comprehend the overwhelming amount of loss and pain that we suffered as individuals and as nation. And while it is always challenging, this year's anniversary feels especially difficult, because so many of the shared values that brought us together as a country after 9/11 — a shared commitment to liberty, diversity, equality — seem to be under attack.

September 11 tragedy essay

september 11 tragedy essay


september 11 tragedy essayseptember 11 tragedy essayseptember 11 tragedy essayseptember 11 tragedy essay