Sea turtle research papers

The Boca Raton Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program is based at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.  The city's Marine Conservationist and team of Marine Turtle Specialists monitor, record, and study all sea turtle nesting activity occurring along the city's five mile stretch of beach.  The team also responds to reports of dead or injured sea turtles from the Boynton Beach Inlet to the Boca Raton\Deerfield Beach border.  Nighttime lighting surveys are conducted along the beach to identify lighting issues and potential problems involving adult and hatchling sea turtle disorientations. The Marine Conservationist works closely with the city regarding beachfront development issues including construction, the alteration of dune vegetation, and beach renourishment.

Sea turtles have exceptional characteristics and abilities that no other marine organism has. Thanks to the shell that covers most of their body, predators do not choose them as a common prey. The size of some species as the leatherback sea turtle reaches between six and nine feet long and a great thickness which is also a reason that deters many marine enemies. For example, the largest specimen found of this species had three meters long. Additionally, this is the only sea turtle that does not has a hard shell. Instead, it has bony plates under a soft leathery tissue.

Sea turtle research papers

sea turtle research papers


sea turtle research paperssea turtle research paperssea turtle research paperssea turtle research papers