Safety measures in school essay

Regardless of the severity of this earthquake, learn from the experience. If there are things that your school could have done better in preparing for this quake, do them better now in preparation for the next earthquake . If structures must be repaired or rebuilt, for example, use this opportunity to correct any weaknesses and ensure full compliance with seismic building standards. If building contents were damaged, improve how such items are secured. If students or staff were insufficiently prepared to react safely, increase safety training and the frequency of drills.

As public school systems continue to fear crime and violence, increased security is unavoidable. Therefore, there needs to be a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of increased school security in order to please all those affected by the public school system. This balance can be obtained through having school officials consider violence prevention measurers that are factually need-based. School officials should identify the specific problems that are currently taking place at their school and determine how to rationally address them before they implement security measures. This way they will avoid employing unnecessary security measures that take away students' freedom and that are costly (Ellis, 2003). Prevention measures, outside of security devices, should also be considered and could include peer mediation, parental involvement, and more access to counselors (Bridges, 1999).

Safety measures in school essay

safety measures in school essay


safety measures in school essaysafety measures in school essaysafety measures in school essaysafety measures in school essay