Rights of neighbours essays

Lucy was not seen again until early 1995 when Mark Gottlieb discovered her working in a local strip club. He coaxed her back to Ramsay St when he informed her of sister Julie's death the previous year. Lucy returned to her family but there was something amiss. Local kids Toadfish Rebecchi ( Ryan Moloney ) and Lucy's niece, Hannah Martin ( Rebecca Ritters ) discovered a pornography magazine which featured Lucy as the centrefold. Lucy tearfully confessed to her grandmother, Helen, that she had a serious drug and alcohol problem and that she had divorced David. Helen told her she was only disappointed that she had not come for help earlier. Lucy eventually departed Ramsay St again to work for Rosemary her aunt, in New York.

Rights of neighbours essays

rights of neighbours essays


rights of neighbours essaysrights of neighbours essaysrights of neighbours essaysrights of neighbours essays