Ricoeur biblical interpretation essays

This distinction between explanation and understanding arose in debates in the last century over theories regarding an adequate epistemology with one wing arguing that positivistic, methodologically oriented scientific explanation was adequate for interpreting phenomenon, while proponents of the humanities argued that scientific explanation was adequate as far as it went, but could not account for the whole of reality and human experience - they called for a theory of understanding where teleological purposes and imagination play a legitimate role in human knowledge. [33]

Interpretation became a genuine philosophical problem when it was no longer understood as a secondary aspect of philosophy, but was recognized as an independent phenomenon, worthy of being investigated for itself. This happened when, in addition to the already existing special hermeneutics (sacred, legal, literary), a general hermeneutics was also formed (Scheiermacher, Dilthey), which meant to be a universal methodology of understanding, applicable to any type of text. In the twentieth century, together with Heidegger's and Gadamer's phenomenological projects, hermeneutics defined itself as an ontology, namely as an interpretation (Auslegung) of the being of man, a being whose constitution is a hermeneutical one. Between the two orientations - the hermeneutics of texts and that of existence - there seems to be a significant difference. Paul Ricoeur's philosophical reflections explore exactly this distance that seemed to be irreconcilable. Although he seems to rather choose a methodological hermeneutics, he does not exclude for any moment the ontological stake of hermeneutics. After dealing in his first papers especially with the issue of symbol, his writings from the second period (starting with the 70s) highlight the concept of text. …

Ricoeur biblical interpretation essays

ricoeur biblical interpretation essays


ricoeur biblical interpretation essaysricoeur biblical interpretation essaysricoeur biblical interpretation essaysricoeur biblical interpretation essays