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"The Divine Christ in the Old Testament." Gives briefly the evidence for Christ's intimate involvement in the affairs of His people even in Old Testament times. "Immortality: Conditional or Innate." Gives 265 verses from 158 chapters from 35 books of the Bible. These verses indicate that immortality is indeed conditional. (86K) "What Is the Soul and Spirit?" Gives 157 verses from the Bible which use the Hebrew and Greek words for "soul" and "spirit" in ways that do not harmonize with the common concept of death. (57K) "To Depart and to Be with Christ." An excellent, thorough, 19th-century analysis of Php. 1:23, showing that Paul expected to meet Christ at the resurrection, not at death. Also part of this tract is "The Return of the Spirit to God," an analysis of Eccl. 12:7; and "Shall Our Earth Burn Eternally?"

Access to parks increases one's level of physical activity, therefore parks are an important destination that should be easily accessible to all advocates. This report explores the obstacles limiting walkability to parks and identify the essential elements of a safe route to a park. Additionally, this report assesses the barriers to walkability, determines the key stakeholders responsible for creating safe routes to parks, identifies strategies on building awareness on the importance of walkability, and recognizes current initiatives on improving safe routes to parks.  Download Safe Routes to Parks: Improving Access to Parks through Walkability .

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Research papers list

research papers list


research papers listresearch papers listresearch papers listresearch papers list