Random act of kindness essays

When Peter O’ Brien Constructions was established over 10 years ago, I wanted to create something much bigger than just a building company, I wanted our focus to be on helping people, making a difference and creating a ‘wow’ factor for people. We started our Random Act of Kindness Program in November 2014. The program fits perfectly with the company’s vision and goals and it was great to kick it off in time for Christmas. We have been really happy with the people and organizations we have been able to help since starting the program and are really excited by what the program can achieve in the future.   By the end of June 2016 we will have successfully donated cash and projects to the value of $5 8,000 which will continue to grow all the time.

Individuals and establishments throughout the Nevada County community have, together, shaped a reputation built on historical significance, beauty, and an unshakable sense of citizenship. When one meanders the neighborhoods of Nevada County, drives its highways, or patronizes its establishments, the collective worth the community has for the richness of the region’s topography is evident. And nothing shows a greater sense of pride than the way a community preserves the integrity of its geographic opulence and maintains the cleanliness of its roadways, parks, facilities, and natural landscapes.

Random act of kindness essays

random act of kindness essays


random act of kindness essaysrandom act of kindness essaysrandom act of kindness essaysrandom act of kindness essays