Ptlls assignments level 4 essays

Q. Your course seems relatively expensive – what are the advantages of doing it this way?
A. Compared with your local college our course can seem relatively expensive but there are several advantages to our method which make it attractive to many students particularly those in business. These include rapid result, small classes, personal tutoring, compact timeframe for completion, no distractions, mature students and easy on-site free parking. Furthermore, to reduce the cost you can often tap into funds from your Learning Skills Council or use Enhanced Learning Credits.

Eligibility requirements:
Candidates should be at least 19 years of age. You will undertake an initial assessment in mathematics and ICT. If you do not achieve the appropriate level, then your development needs will be assessed and you will agree an action plan to address them. If you join the qualification programme having already completed a PTLLS award, your record of development needs and previous action to address them should be reviewed.  This qualification replaces City & Guilds' Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (7304).

Ptlls assignments level 4 essays

ptlls assignments level 4 essays


ptlls assignments level 4 essaysptlls assignments level 4 essaysptlls assignments level 4 essaysptlls assignments level 4 essays