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For the Online Spontaneous Remission Bibliography Project, we used the original work and provided additional data for an online copy of the Remission Database, made PDFs from Spontaneous Remission Bibliography chapters, included theories about Remission, included a list of frequently asked questions, and completed a literature review to update the database. Staff for this phase of the project ihcluded Caryle Hirshberg, Principal Investigator; Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD,Co-investigator; and Kelly Durkin, Project Staff

More than a hundred years ago an extraordinary mechanism was found by sponge divers at the bottom of the sea near the island of Antikythera. It astonished the whole international community of experts on the ancient world. Was it an astrolabe? Was it an orrery or an astronomical clock? Or something else?
For decades, scientific investigation failed to yield much light and relied more on imagination than the facts. However research over the last half century has begun to reveal its secrets. The machine dates from around the end of the 2nd century . and is the most sophisticated mechanism known from the ancient world. Nothing as complex is known for the next thousand years. The Antikythera Mechanism is now understood to be dedicated to astronomical phenomena and operates as a complex mechanical "computer" which tracks the cycles of the Solar System .

Project bibliography

project bibliography


project bibliographyproject bibliographyproject bibliographyproject bibliography