Power of subconscious mind essay

Psychologists and psychiatrists use the term "unconscious" in traditional practices, where metaphysical and New Age literature, often use the term subconscious. It should not, however, be inferred that the concept of the unconscious and the New Age concept of the subconscious are precisely equivalent, even though they both warrant consideration of mental processes of the brain. Psychologists and psychiatrists take a much more limited view of the capabilities of the unconscious than are represented by New Age depiction of the subconscious. There are a number of methods in use in the contemporary New Age and paranormal communities that affect the latter:

The subconscious mind doesn’t do any creative thinking. That’s not its job. It cannot distinguish between what is ‘imaginary’ and what is ‘real’. Any thought you repeat over and over; any visual image you create and hold in your mind, over and over – are examples of the “ operating system ” that you program into your subconscious mind. Its job is to store, organize and interpret data from your predominant thoughts. Its job is to attract or help you create the circumstances that match the images and thoughts you have imprinted in it, and automate much of your behaviors and thought patterns.

Power of subconscious mind essay

power of subconscious mind essay


power of subconscious mind essaypower of subconscious mind essaypower of subconscious mind essaypower of subconscious mind essay