Potential argumentative essay topics

I also think that it’s hard for process-minded people (like myself) to recognize that the reasons X is standard procedure might not be because it’s the best or most efficient method; it might be that we don’t have the time/resources to implement Y, or that Y requires help from Wakeen in IT and he doesn’t get along with our department head, or Accounting can’t import the file format from Y because their systems are 20 years old but the head of AP is retiring in 3 years and she doesn’t want to learn new software at this point so she won’t approve a project to upgrade. But it’s still a real problem preventing Y from happening; it’s just an office culture/politics problem rather than an problem with Y itself.

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Potential argumentative essay topics

potential argumentative essay topics


potential argumentative essay topicspotential argumentative essay topicspotential argumentative essay topicspotential argumentative essay topics