Persuasive essays topics school

Here is the list of persuasive essay topics , which you can use for your reference.

  • Terrorist attacks in the United States.
  • Terrorism: it's high time to stop that war.
  • Human cloning is wrong.
  • Human cloning and family values.
  • Greenhouse affect as a result of deforesting.
  • Pollution is a consistent demolition of the earth.
  • Anorexia is a cause of weight loss.
NB! Pick a persuasive essay topic that will be interesting both to your mates and to your tutor. This is absolutely critical in case of topics for persuasive speeches essays .

40. What marriages are better: official or civil ones?
41. There should be a border on genetic engineering of plants, animals and humans
42. Plagiarism at secondary schools and colleges. Should different services be applied to prevent it?
43. What measures should be introduced to restrict gun control laws?
44. Pornography on the Internet. Who should deal with the problem: the government or web owners?
45. People are concerned about overpopulation. What should be done with it?
46. There is a problem that high school students drop out of school. How to help them?
47. What are the reasons for alcohol or drugs addiction?
48. The problem of homelessness has become one of the vital worldwide? What are the causes of homelessness?
49. Should college graduators receive a better salary?
50. Most fairy tales end with “they live happily ever after” . What can you do to make this end come true?
51. The prisoners can be rehabilitated
52. Sex trafficking of young girls and women. How to prevent this?
53. Who is most responsible for breaking up relationships: men or women?
54. How does the lack of sleep affect them and how they can get enough sleep?
55. Why has the tattoo become increasingly popular?
56. Convince someone in the necessity to vote. Why it is important?
57. How to give up a bad habit?
58. Should students find a part-time job? Should they limit their hours of working?
59. Is living in a college hostel helpful or harmful?
60. Is it not a problem if people get married being in college?
61. How can a student pay college expenses?
62. Creationism should be taught at schools
63. How can we convince people to drive more securely?
64. The ancient custom has the force of law
65. The family is more sacred than the State
66. Laws must have the same meaning to all people
67. Agreement prevents conflicts
68. Extreme sports are dangerous. Should they be banned?
69. People should get out of their cars and try to use public transport more

Persuasive essays topics school

persuasive essays topics school


persuasive essays topics schoolpersuasive essays topics schoolpersuasive essays topics schoolpersuasive essays topics school