Methods of introducing an essay

Further, as disclosed in the above-referenced prior . patent application Ser. No. 08/935,016 a quantity of such radioactive leak trace material can be held by a solid material within a particular pressurized, fluid-containing chamber or vessel of an inflator device. Such solid material may desirably initially hold at least a substantial portion of the radioactive isotope leak trace material contained within the particular chamber or vessel. As disclosed, a large percentage of the leak trace material originally absorbed or held by or in the solid material will over time be gradually released or no longer held thereby and thus permit or allow the detection of the presence of leaks, in accordance with the corresponding leak detection process.

But for a many things we want to measure, there is not necessarily a pertinent criterion available. In this case, turn to construct validity, which concerns the extent to which a measure is related to other measures as specified by theory or previous research. Does a measure stack up with other variables the way we expect it to? A good example of this form of validity comes from early self-esteem studies - self-esteem refers to a person's sense of self-worth or self-respect. Clinical observations in psychology had shown that people who had low self-esteem often had depression. Therefore, to establish the construct validity of the self-esteem measure, the researchers showed that those with higher scores on the self-esteem measure had lower depression scores, while those with low self-esteem had higher rates of depression.

Methods of introducing an essay

methods of introducing an essay


methods of introducing an essaymethods of introducing an essaymethods of introducing an essaymethods of introducing an essay