Leisure and tourism coursework

Booking Boss and V3 are pleased to announce the integration of Booking Boss to the power of TXA distribution. Sydney 1 July 2015, Booking Boss and TXA today launched a live real time two-way connection between Booking Boss and TXA's diversity of over 200 unique Distribution channels. Shane Crockett, CEO of V3, described the integration as "a win win win for the travel industry". He said, "TXA is proven driver of increased booking revenue by boosting online visibility through low cost Distribution which attracts, and converts at industry leading levels." "Linking into Booking Boss is another key integration to a market leading booking system, targeted to the activities market", he continued. Read more >

Leisure and tourism coursework

leisure and tourism coursework


leisure and tourism courseworkleisure and tourism courseworkleisure and tourism courseworkleisure and tourism coursework