Ghostwriter jamal

*eye-roll* @ the guy who played alphie and his “mixtape” who the hell DOESN’T have a mixtape? we need to find another hobby for black men to do. why is every black men an aspiring rapper? why not a chef? or business owner (i don’t mean the type of business they already do “hustling” by going on each train car all day selling blunt wraps,bootleg dvds,incense and candy -_-),scientist? or inventor? they make good money and at least it’s positive! how could any mother be proud of their son while hes making money by being extremely disrespectful and violent in all his songs? it’s so tired! do something constructive fella! *end rant*

During the mid-1990s Ghostwriter was released on VHS by two different companies, GPN and Republic Pictures . GPN is the company authorized by PBS to release all its shows on video. They have the entire series except for the last two cases. These videos are in the original format with each case divided into four or five episodes. Republic Pictures released only three cases (all from the first season) : "Ghost Story", "Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store?" and "Into the Comics". In Republic Pictures' version, the four or five episodes for each case were edited together into a feature-length movie. The Republic Pictures version is currently out of print, but can still be found in some libraries in the US and Canada only. The GPN version was available to the general public for purchase through their website until 2007. Starting mid-2007, GPN is selling only to schools and libraries due to a change in licensing terms. However, the GPN version is still available in some libraries.

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Ghostwriter jamal

ghostwriter jamal


ghostwriter jamalghostwriter jamalghostwriter jamalghostwriter jamal