Foster wallace cruise essay

I have whale-watched in the rain, or whale- sought in the rain, while our boat hit waves as tall as houses and their spray left me storm-drenched and salt-soaked and blinking against the sting. I’ve watched a Chinese woman sit beside me at the prow, clenching the railing with one hand and a plastic baggie of her own vomit with the other, undeterred, scanning the horizon for unseen blowholes … I’ve eaten mangoes sweet as candy, licked the orange stain around my mouth after sucking their pits for the last flesh.

HUME: Chris, this has been an enduring debate as to how to deal with these dictatorial (ph) regimes. One theory holds that if you open commerce up, as we’ve done with China, for example, that eventually that will have a democratizing effect and will tend to diminish the repression. The results from China I think are mixed at best as to whether that's effective. It's worth -- it’s -- I think it was always -- it’s worth a try -- Cuba’s a somewhat different case because, you know, they have a -- have a -- have a 1920s economy there and -- and the early indications is once you just -- at least on the political repression, is that it has not ended. I think it remains to be seen whether the commerce will have the effect that we hope it will have, but -- but that’s -- that’s a long running debate and the -- and -- and there’s no certain answer to whether that works or not.

Foster wallace cruise essay

foster wallace cruise essay


foster wallace cruise essayfoster wallace cruise essayfoster wallace cruise essayfoster wallace cruise essay