Example note card research paper

Having people donate to charity instead of sending you a gift is a bold and classy move. Make sure to reward those who actually do send that check. Here are several examples of the thank you letter for contribution variety. Some are when done at your request and others are when done spontaneously.


• Thank you for your generous donation to ___________ in honor of my/our birthday/anniversary/other special event. It made my birthday that much more of a celebration. You are a generous and thoughtful friend. Thanks again.

• Thank you for donation to _______ in honor of my __________. You have honored me with your generosity and kindness for years. You are a gift to know. Thank you again.

• Thank you for donating to ________ in honor of my birthday (graduation, special event). Knowing that I have a friend so generous and thoughtful is gift in itself. That you have chose to share your generosity with such a worthy cause in my name overwhelms me. Thank you for such a beautiful gift.

Informal (when requested for donations in lieu of a gift.)

• Thanks for donating to ______ in honor of my birthday (graduation, special event). You have always been a thoughtful and generous friend to me. I would not have felt right hogging your generosity on such a happy occasion. Thanks again.


• Thanks for donating to _______. It’s the perfect gift. Not only is it elegant, I didn’t have to worry about returning it for being the wrong size. You’re a real class act. Thanks again.

I will finish this section by presenting a complete program that uses the Card and Deck classes. The program lets the user play a very simple card game called HighLow. A deck of cards is shuffled, and one card is dealt from the deck and shown to the user. The user predicts whether the next card from the deck will be higher or lower than the current card. If the user predicts correctly, then the next card from the deck becomes the current card, and the user makes another prediction. This continues until the user makes an incorrect prediction. The number of correct predictions is the user's score.

One of the reasons for this confusion is that mental health counseling training focuses mainly on how to do therapy with the client. Specifically, how to assess, set goals and use various interventions to help the client reach their goals. The focus of training is not so much on how to document that information. The progress note (to be distinguished from a psychotherapy note) become a part of the client’s record. That means they could be subject to being included in a records request. Which is why it is important to understand the components of a good progress note.

Example note card research paper

example note card research paper


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