Essay on deepawali

Independence and partition inspired literary and other artistic creations . [61] Such creations mostly describe the human cost of partition, limiting the holiday to a small part of their narrative. [62] [63] Salman Rushdie 's novel Midnight's Children (1980), which won the Booker Prize and the Booker of Bookers , wove its narrative around children born at midnight of 14–15 August 1947 with magical abilities. [63] Freedom at Midnight (1975) is a non-fiction work by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre that chronicled the events surrounding the first Independence Day celebrations in 1947. Few films centre on the moment of independence, [64] [65] [66] instead highlighting the circumstances of partition and its aftermath. [64] [67] [68] On the Internet, Google has commemorated Independence Day since 2003 with a special doodle on its Indian homepage. [69]

Atlas I would like to give a small message of Diwali. “Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” (lead me from the darkness unto light) which means that where there is darkness light is needed. So to get rid of the darkness of sorrow we all have to light up the lamps of happiness. To get rid of darkness of disease, we have to light up the lamps of health. To get over the darkness of loss and failures, we have to light up the lamps of prosperity. And at last light up the lamps of true knowledge to get rid the darkness of ignorance’s. Thank you! (Speech Ends Here)

Measure, Measure, Measure Capacity planning is an art . Based on past system performance, an acceptable demand for the future needs to be determined. This prediction should be combined with a realistic timeline and what you can afford. You iterate your capacity plan over time. Performance and capacity are two different animals. Performance tuning tweaks your existing system for optimal performance. Performance tuning measures larger data second by second. Capacity planning focuses on the future. It measures small data hour-by-hour. But, how do you measure z/OS performance? How do you measure DB2, CICS performance? Measurement software tools are called Monitors . There are monitors for z/OS - IBM's Tivoli Omegamon XE for z/OS, BMC MAINVIEW for z/OS, CA-SYSVIEW, ASG TMON. IBM's RMF(Resource Management Facility) is also an excellent tool for monitoring z/OS performance. Monitors like RMF work by collecting samples at periodic intervals. RMF can measure processor activity, channel activity, resource activity and records this data. This data is categorized by a type . DB2 monitors include IBM Tivoli Omegamon XE for DB2, BMC MAINVIEW for DB2, ASG-TMON for DB2. CICS monitors can monitor CICS running tasks, storage, DASD, I/O within a CICS region. Some are : IBM's Tivoli Omegamon XE for CICS, BMC MAINVIEW for CICS, ASG-TMON for CICS, IBM CICSPlex Systems Manager. There are DASD monitors for keeping track of Disk Space usage, free space and performance. Examples include BMCS DASD MANAGER PLUS, IBM's Tivoli Omegamon XE for storage. Compuware STROBE and FreezeFrame are used to X-Ray application programs. F ile V iew N avigate H elp
F11: SQL CPU/Service Time by Statement (3160/CICSTEST) Row 00001 of 00035
Command ===> _______________________________________________ Scroll ===> PAGE

Nbr of --CPU Time-- --Svc Time--
Seqno Name Stmt# SQL Function SQL Calls Total Mean Total Mean
D00015 MYPROG01 6137 OPEN 1
> ,_NAME
> ,_NAME,
> ,_ID
> ,
> ,_NAME
> AND _ID = _ID
> AND _ID = _ID
> (PREPARE of SQL was done at Stmt# 6095 Seqno D00001 )
S00005 MYPROG02 3508 SELECT 1
S00006 MYPROG02 3584 SELECT 1
D00001 MYPROG01 6095 PREPARE 1
S00003 MYPROG02 3351 SELECT 1
Fig. Freeze-Frame displaying the cost of each SQL Statement in a program

Essay on deepawali

essay on deepawali


essay on deepawaliessay on deepawaliessay on deepawaliessay on deepawali