Endophytic actinomycetes+thesis

Growing a single type of corn is easier for producing biofuels because we can select that type that yields the best raw product, is easiest to grow, and which requires the least amount of water and other resources. This sounds great, but then down side to this is that pests that eat this type of corn will begin to proliferate. What is worse, if we spray with pesticide to kill these pests, some will inevitably be resistant to the pesticide. Over time, these pests will grow in number and we will be left with pests that are resistant to our chemical defences. In the end, we have a bigger problem that what we started with and probably no corn because the new “super pest” ate it all.

Endophytic actinomycetes+thesis

endophytic actinomycetes+thesis


endophytic actinomycetes+thesisendophytic actinomycetes+thesisendophytic actinomycetes+thesisendophytic actinomycetes+thesis