Conclusion of vietnam war essay

This paper has traced the development of the Vietnam War, beginning from the socio-political context from which it emerged and the subsequent involvement of the US government in the effort to prevent the spread of communism. While the actions of the US troops may be seen as noble and warranted by the situation, the fact that the war cost so much in terms of lives and money makes any semblance of victory in it seem insignificant. There is indeed no true winner in this war because of the incredible losses that each side had sustained over a decade's worth of fighting.

It is quite a thrill to to stop an entire enemy assault with a well placed napalm strike and a few blasts from your mortar, and you'll need every weapon at your disposal if you have any hope of surviving. There is an added element of strategy since there will certainly be times where you'll run low on ammo and the only way to resupply is to call in a friendly Huey which you will have to defend from enemy fire, which is definitely easier said than done, as it unloads the ammo you so desperately need. With 60 action packed missions there is plenty of gameplay to be found as well.

Conclusion of vietnam war essay

conclusion of vietnam war essay


conclusion of vietnam war essayconclusion of vietnam war essayconclusion of vietnam war essayconclusion of vietnam war essay