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Electronic Portfolios are a creative means of organizing, summarizing, and sharing artifacts, information, and ideas about teaching and/or learning, along with personal and professional growth. The reflective process of portfolio development can be as important as the final product. In many cases, they are used as part of faculty and student evaluation along with other assessment tools such as standardized tests. A portfolio is a sampling of the breadth and depth of a person's work conveying the range of abilities, attitudes, experiences, and achievements.

So how does this apply to startup theory surrounding ideas? First, Deleuze and Guattari believe heavily in the experimentation of life. Similarly, startups should have a culture of experimentation that they apply to their ideas and business processes, validating their learning and evolving their idea to open up the most potential for creative energy (in startups, this means growth). Second, the idea vs. execution binary, as well producers vs. non-producers, which stems from this binary is flawed. Startups should recognize that there are going to be a lot of forces that affect their idea. These forces include pressures to come up with a good idea, pressures to execute correctly, financial considerations, competitors, customer feedback, product development, marketing, historical trends, industry standards, etc. Successful founders are ones that can harness the positive pressures from each of these forces and evolve the idea throughout the startup process to achieve growth. Each of these forces can be positive catalysts for change/growth or debilitating forces. This means that a startup is a daily battle to manage this creative process and the development of an idea. I think this plays really well with your idea matrix discussion above. Lastly, Deleuze and Guattari say that the creative energy that is the relationship between territorializing forces and that allows one to navigate between all these pressures is desire. I think this is extremely important for entrepreneurs because having a sense of passion for the whole wonderful mess that is a startup is critical to having the energy and attitude to handle how your idea is going to evolve over time and how you need to keep executing-learning-and re-executing over and over.

Chris hoover thesis

chris hoover thesis


chris hoover thesischris hoover thesis