Chicano civil rights movement essay

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During the early 1950s, public opinion polls revealed that blacks were generally optimistic that their condition would improve markedly within a short time. From 1947 to 1954, according to a United States Census study, the median income of black families more than doubled, while increasing numbers of blacks attended college. Yet those gains were largely confined to the black middle class, who were also the main supporters of such established and “traditional” civil rights organizations as the NUL and the NAACP (Some critics remarked that the second acronym stood for the “National Association for the Advancement of Certain people”). Within the South, however, there were signs that a more militant black leadership was emerging that was also beginning to attract mass support.

Many currents came together to produce the revived Chicano political movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Early struggles were against school segregation, but the Mexican-American cause, or la Causa as it was called, soon came under the banner of the United Farm Workers and César Chávez . However, Corky Gonzales and Reies Tijerina stirred up old tensions about New Mexican land claims with roots going back to before the Mexican–American War . Simultaneous movements like the Young Lords , to empower youth, question patriarchy, democratize the Church , end police brutality, and end the Vietnam War , all intersected with other ethnic nationalist , peace , countercultural , and feminist movements.

Chicano civil rights movement essay

chicano civil rights movement essay


chicano civil rights movement essaychicano civil rights movement essaychicano civil rights movement essaychicano civil rights movement essay