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At another level, students (and their parents) are looking to acquire marketable skills.  Such things aren't really the goal of a liberal-arts education, but still they can get something of this sort from us.  In my own discipline, Psychology and CogSci majors who are interested can go on to graduate school in those areas, of course, or to postgraduate professional school, but that just kicks the "marketability" issue down the road.  Even with just a bachelor's degree, Psych majors can find rewarding careers in a variety of human-service fields, and CogSci majors have computer skills that are needed in a variety of technical fields.  In addition, we can hope that they've acquired communication skills, written and oral, that will serve them will in a wide variety of occupations.  It's possible to generate a list of marketable skills like this for majors in any discipline.

J. C. Hallman

Hilda Raz
“Said to Sarah, Ten”
“Aaron at Work/Rain”

Greg Hewett
“Hymns to Nanan”

Section Two:
That Which Holds Us Together, That Which Pulls Us Apart

Adrienne Rich
“An Atlas of the Difficult World” (excerpts)

Kristin Naca
“Speaking English Is Like”
“Uses for Spanish in Pittsburgh”
“Grocery Shopping with My Girlfriend Who Is Not Asian”
“Speaking Spanish Is Like”

While he does use these lists to give the occasional (and well-deserved) prop to a colleague — Jean-Pierre Melville's Deux Hommes dans Manhattan , Alain Resnais' Hiroshima, mon amour , Truffaut's Les Quatres cent coups , Claude Chabrol's Les Cousins , and Agnes Varda's Du cote de la Cote come in for honors in 1959 alone — he also pays his respects to the stolid virtues of American filmmaking, especially of the sensational variety: Orson Welles' Mr. Arkadin (#1, 1956), Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (#8, 1960), Samuel Fuller's Schock Corridor (#5, 1965.) He even put together a list of the Ten Best American Sound Films , which runs as follows:

Best american essays 2011 pdf

best american essays 2011 pdf


best american essays 2011 pdfbest american essays 2011 pdfbest american essays 2011 pdfbest american essays 2011 pdf