Bbc bitesize drama coursework

The Standard Grades portion of the site has 12 subjects to choose from. Biology, history, chemistry, computing studies, maths, English, modern studies, French, physical education, geography and physics are all covered by the website. [ 8 ] It should be noted that not all subjects on the curriculum are covered by the website; administration , business management and economics are all excluded. In the Highers section, biology, English, Geography, Maths, Chemistry, History, Modern Studies, Physics and the Scotland-only subject Scottish Gaelic are available for revising. Also included is Gàidhlig , a section for Gaelic students to study with. [ 9 ]

The use of contrast in drama productions - eg stillness contrasted with activity , or silence contrasted with noise - is a useful way to focus the audience's attention. A drama being played with no change of pace or rhythm doesn't usually hold our interest, but most can be brought to life with the use of contrasting sights and sounds. An example of such contrast could be in a courtroom drama. At first there's the hustle and bustle of bringing in the prisoner, with everyone scurrying around trying to see and hear the judge's pronouncement. Then there's the sound of the gavel banging on his desk - and the resulting quiet before he pronounces the sentence. The audience can't fail to be interested!

Bbc bitesize drama coursework

bbc bitesize drama coursework


bbc bitesize drama courseworkbbc bitesize drama courseworkbbc bitesize drama courseworkbbc bitesize drama coursework