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 Ethnic Environment : As per the research by the negotiation strategies case study assignment help experts, Malaya is the largest ethnic group of Malaysia. In contrast to this, in the USA, protestant are the largest ethnic group. In Malaysia, Muslims present in %, Buddhist in %, Christian %, Hindu %, Taosim, Confucianism, and other Chinese groups are present in %, unknown in % and none make up .8% population (The World Factbook). On the other hand, in USA, protestant (%), Roman Catholic (%), Mormon (%), Christian (%), Jewish (%), Buddhist (.7%), and Muslim (.6%), other unspecified (%); unaffiliated (%) and none (4%) are the ethnic and religious groups live. In USA, trust is considered as the key factor of business ethics to avoid scandals. In contrast to this assignment writing help, in Malaysia, personal relationships and belongings are considered importantly for business agreements. Corporate code of ethics is strongly followed in the USA by companies to maintain ethical practices as compared to companies in Malaysia.

The three categories—T, N, and M—and the prognostic factors collectively describe, with rare exceptions, the extent of tumor, including local spread, regional nodal involvement, and distant metastasis. It is important to stress that each component (T, N, and M) is referred to as a category . The term stage is used when T, N, and M and cancer site–specific required prognostic factors are combined. The criteria for T, N, and M are defined separately for cancers in different anatomic locations and/or for different histologic types.

Assignment help 2 ihc

assignment help 2 ihc


assignment help 2 ihcassignment help 2 ihcassignment help 2 ihcassignment help 2 ihc