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The two sites from which Ar. ramidus fossils have been recovered (., Middle Awash and Gona) offer slightly different habitat reconstructions.  At Gona, many large mammal fauna associated with Ar. ramidus are intense grazers, which would indicate a habitat with a significant grassy component.  Other indicators from Gona, however, suggest that the environment was a more mosaic habitat, consisting of closed woodlands and more open, grassy environments.  Similar evidence from the parts of the Middle Awash region where Ar. ramidus has been found, in contrast, lead to reconstructions of a closed woodland. Although the Aramis reconstruction suggests a more closed environment, both habitat reconstructions are consistent with idea that bipedality initially evolved in a woodland environment rather than in a more open savanna grassland.

Many of the other great apes that have learned sign language have put signs together to symbolize a certain object. For instance Koko has a long list of creative names to her credit: "elephant baby" for a Pinocchio doll, "finger bracelet" to describe a ring, "bottle match" to indicate a cigarette lighter, and so on (The Gorilla Foundation). These examples hold strong against the criticism of Washoe's "waterbird". There is no way that Koko saw an elephant and then a baby before signing "elephant baby" or a bottle and a match before signing "bottle match".

Apes essay

apes essay


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