Annotated bibliography apa style

This article discusses Dr. Glenn Flores's study in which he analyzed statistics from the National Survey of Children's Health to examine disparities between health care for English-speaking and non-English primary language (NEPL) children. The survey used nationwide random sampling to interview 102,353 children (and their caregivers) in both English and Spanish between 2003 and 2004. The study found that children in households where English was not the primary language were more likely to be poor, overweight, have only fair or poor dental health, be uninsured, have made no medical visits during the previous year, and to be dissatisfied with physicians and health care providers. While this article was mainly written to address disparities in health care due to language barriers, it also discusses some strategies to eliminate barriers to care.

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Annotated bibliography apa style

annotated bibliography apa style


annotated bibliography apa styleannotated bibliography apa styleannotated bibliography apa styleannotated bibliography apa style