Abstract term paper example

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  • Citation tools Download this article to citation manager Lebwohl Benjamin , Cao Yin , Zong Geng , Hu Frank B , Green Peter H R , Neugut Alfred I et al. Long term gluten consumption in adults without celiac disease and risk of coronary heart disease: prospective cohort study BMJ 2017; 357 :j1892
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    The data are organized into "Canonical Pathways," idealized or generalized pathways that represent common properties of a particular signaling module or pathway, and "Specific Pathways," instances in which components are known to act together in a particular organism, tissue, or cell type. Pathway Authorities entered canonical and specific components into the Database and then incorporated these components into pathways. Each component has a minimum set of information that is independent of any pathway in which it appears. This is the "pathway-independent" component information and is found in the “components” XML file. Once components are placed in a pathway, they acquire additional "pathway-dependent" component information, which is part of the information found in the “pathways” XML files. Each pathway has a unique identifier and its own XML file. Only specific components can participate in specific pathways and only canonical components can participate in canonical pathways. Each specific component has a canonical component "parent". Various elements in the data are derived from controlled vocabularies and are each item in a controlled vocabulary has a unique identifier that is used in the component XML and pathway XML files. The information about the controlled vocabularies is in the “vocabularies” XML file. The “users” XML file is a list of the contributors and editors and developers who have updated data in the Database and these are referenced in the components and pathways XML files.

    A scientific abstract summarizes your research paper or article in a concise, clearly written way that informs readers about the article's content. Researchers use abstracts to determine whether a paper is relevant to their work and/or decide which papers to acquire and read. For academic conferences, participants only receive copies of the abstracts in proceedings. When readers search through electronic databases for articles, the abstract is usually the sole part of the paper that they see without cost. Typically 200-250 words, a scientific abstract consists of five key parts: title and author information, background, methods, results, and conclusions. [1]

    Abstract term paper example

    abstract term paper example


    abstract term paper exampleabstract term paper exampleabstract term paper exampleabstract term paper example

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