Abroad program

Here we go is the experience with STUDY METRO CONSULTANCY pvt ltd. Well, before getting in to this process, I was so nervous about my life and career. Later on i met study metro, once from then and now it was an awesome experiences. Initially i have met the counselor Ms Niharika, she was brilliant with her speech and she is the one who interacted before applying to the college, but later on she went on somewhere, i thought i left the process , but that is wrong after Niharika, i have interacted almost everyone in the study metro to name it as Dimple, Abhishek, Praveen, Zaid and everyone was so kindness. So you all took initiative of my process. Whenever i am in need of help, you are one who helped in all the aspects of this USA education. Yes, you definitely deserves what you are right now. And am sure you are gonna send more number of students happily. From my experience, You are just brilliant. I recommend everyone to go ahead with them and change your life. Yes, now i got my visa and am going to travel happily. Thanks for all your support throughout the process and i am in need of your help after landing in USA as well. Good Luck Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, keep global economics i mind when deciding where and why you want to take your career abroad. Consider the cost of living in your chosen location as well as the salaries offered. Regardless of where you work abroad, the monthly $1,500 you make back home will not be worth the same abroad. In Argentina , for example, you can live like a king with nightly steak-and-wine dinners at this salary, while in Norway , you might find that it doesn’t even cover your monthly rent. Pay attention to currencies and research average living costs in your country of interest. Decide whether you are seeking a job abroad to increase your savings account, a work placement that paints an idyllic temporary life, or if you are more interested in the experience of a new place and occupation than the semi-monthly check.

Abroad program

abroad program


abroad programabroad programabroad programabroad program